EAG holds appointments with industry leaders in the field of assessment publishing, enabling access to the most effective and up to date assessment tools and support products available for use in employee selection and development. 


Through the acquisition of Inscape Publishing, Wiley elevated its leadership position in talent solutions, and in particular, assessment instruments used in employee development applications.  Owners of the industry leading DiSC® portfolio of assessments, Wiley has expanded its assessment offering to include the newly released Everything DiSC® suite of advanced computer adapted testing instruments assignable to a wide range of employee development initiatives including leadership, management, sales, personality, workplace behavior, and team building.  Wiley also pioneered the highly acclaimed “Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team” program in collaboration with international best-selling author Patrick Lencioni.

The Myers-Briggs Company

While best known for the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® assessment, it’s much more than just a company that sells products. They are also a group of people committed to improving the performance of individuals and organizations around the world.  In addition to owning the MBTI® suite of assessments, The Myers-Briggs Company also owns the Strong Interest Inventory, the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI®), the FIRO® and FIRO®-B family of assessments, and the California Psychological Inventory™ (CPI™).

Paradigm Personality Labs

Based on more than twenty years of proprietary and external cognitive and personality research, Paradigm Personality Labs has developed state-of-the-art products focused on the Five-Factor Model of Personality.  Information gained from Paradigm Personality Labs assessments helps create awareness and understanding of how people are similar and different and how to leverage this to maximize productivity and engagement.  Paradigm Personality Labs’ professional evaluations, including WorkPlace Big Five Profile 4.0™ and SchoolPlace Big Five Profile™, reveal how your personality-diverse workforce can effectively accomplish the objectives of your organization in a rapidly evolving world.


Hogan challenged decades of academic tradition and criticism to become the first to demonstrate personality’s impact on organizational success, pioneering the use of personality assessment to improve workplace performance.  Founded in 1987 by Drs. Joyce and Robert Hogan, Hogan is a world leader in personality assessment and leadership development.  With products and services in 56 countries and 47 languages, what began as a small startup has evolved into the industry leader serving more than half of the Fortune 500.  Grounded in more than four decades of validated research, Hogan assessments were the first to scientifically measure personality for business. Thirty years later, they remain committed to the same spirit of innovation that helped them become an industry leader.

Multi-Health Systems, Inc. (MHS)

A leading publisher of scientifically validated assessments for more than 30 years, MHS serves clients in corporate, clinical, educational, public safety, government, military, pharmaceutical, and research settings. With offices in North America and partners around the world, MHS is dedicated to strong product growth, and an optimal user experience. MHS has developed leading products such as the Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-i 2.0®), the Conners™ suite of ADHD assessments, and the Level of Service™ suite of assessments.   The MHS collection of Talent Assessments specializes in emotional intelligence, entrepreneurship, risk tolerance, and meeting facilitation. These range of tools measure and manage talent and are ideal for use in coaching, organization and leadership development, selection, and succession planning.

Activity Vector Analysis (AVA)

Activity Vector Analysis (AVA) is a work-related system of behavioral assessment tools widely recognized for its accuracy, validity, simplicity, and utility. AVA provides the “why” behind behavior in the workplace, enabling you to hire, coach and develop employees to their best possible performance. When you understand why people do what they do, you can place them in the right jobs and motivate them optimally to achieve results. AVA profiles an individual’s workplace behavioral tendencies, the behavioral demands of specific jobs, and the fit between the two. The key tools used in the AVA system are the individual analysis, the job activity rating, and the WebAVA.