Values Report

What do you think of when you hear the word, “values”? Morals? Ethics? Personal values? Corporate values?  Something to be kept to yourself?  The fact is, whether you’ve thought about them or not, it is probably about time you did. Managers are incorporating values into their leadership styles and using values-based coaching and problem-solving tactics to grow their people and their business. Based on our research we have identified 16 values that are relevant to the work environment.  These values are grouped on the CentACS Values Grid – a unique and meaningful way to better understand our values and how these values relate to each other.  So if you decide it’s time to integrate values into your workplace or want to find an environment that already does, the CentACS Values Profile™ is a key to identifying:

  • Individual Drivers and Motivations – By identifying our values and their relative importance, we have a clearer picture of our motivators and career fit.  Align them with our work and we’ve got engagement.
  • Team Values – Reveal how aligned your team’s values are and how to increase team achievement by harnessing individuals’ unique drivers.
  • Leadership Development – How do leadership values impact area of focus and how are they revealed in the organization’s culture?

Click here to download a free sample PDF Workplace Big Five 4.0 Profile Values Sample Report