Stress Resiliency Profile Paper Assessment


The Stress Resiliency Profile is an easy-to-administer, self-scoring assessment that gives clients new insights into ways to control the stressors that have an impact on their work effectiveness and capability to influence stressful events. It offers new perceptions of the ways they may be unintentionally raising their stress level and measures the mental habits that determine their level of “stress resiliency.” By understanding the thought patterns that can cause stress, clients can increase positive thinking and ability to make change, gain control over themselves, and change areas where bad habits exist.

Three cognitive habits that create stress are identified and evaluated:

  • Deficiency focusing—the habit of focusing on the negatives at the expense of the positives
  • Necessitating—the perception that tasks are inflexible demands that must be met—with no room for discretion or choice
  • Low skill recognition—the tendency to underestimate one’s own competence and abilities; feeling that success depends on things outside ourselves