Pearman Personality Integrator™ Leadership Report


The Pearman Personality Integrator® (Pearman™) weaves together Carl G. Jung’s work on psychological types with Dr. Roger Pearman’s insights and expertise to create an assessment that provides an intuitive understanding of an individual’s personality and his/her ability to function effectively across various domains. The Pearman can be used with individuals, with organizations, and in applied settings to improve awareness, performance, and functioning.

The Leadership Lens is relevant to individuals who have been, are, or will be in leadership positions in corporations or other environments (e.g., non-profits, military, athletic leadership). Its purpose is to establish a connection between personality type behaviors, FlexIndex skills, and effective leadership competencies. Unlike the Workplace Lens, the Leadership Lens enhances the Client and Coach Report with additional interpretation and pages. This section introduces the additional report features included in the Leadership Lens as well as relevant research that support the relationship between leadership and personality.

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