California Psychological Inventory CPI 434™ Narrative Report

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The CPI™ 434 Narrative Report helps you work efficiently and effectively with your clients through a well-organized narrative summary of their results. Presented in a reader-friendly format, this report:

  • Provides descriptions of clients’ behavior and how others may perceive them
  • Includes a profile of your clients’ CPI type, level, and Folk Scale results, and then elaborates on that information
  • Makes predictive statements about their behavior to help you describe them in a close, knowledgeable, and objective manner
  • Includes two scale profiles: one for the gender-specific norm group and one with combined male/female norms for use in employment situations when gender-neutral norms are required
  • Measures clients’ results on several Special Purpose Scales, including Creative Temperament, Managerial Potential, and Tough-Mindedness
  • Provides a detailed narrative description for each CPI Folk Scale

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