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Dr. Bo Boylan, PhD

Dr. Bo Boylan, PhD

Dr. Bo Boylan PhD

Bo Boylan is a founding partner of Ravenwood Consulting Group, Inc., an international development and consulting firm focused on individual and organizational effectiveness.

His consulting and training focus includes facilitating executive and leadership team discussions on matters of strategy, revenue quality, coaching and mentoring, and the evaluation and administration of psychological testing used in employee selection and development settings.

Prior to forming Ravenwood, Dr. Boylan co-founded Sales & Marketing Services Group, LLC and served as the firm’s Managing Partner until January of 2005.  Before starting his entrepreneurial ventures, he served as Chief Operating Officer and Director of Casco International, Inc., a publicly traded services firm.  Dr. Boylan was Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Jancor, Inc, part of Citigroup Venture Capital’s investment portfolio of high growth manufacturing companies.

Dr. Boylan’s 25 years of experience also includes international markets.  As Vice President of International Marketing for a publicly traded pharmaceutical company, he managed the firm’s entry into Central and South America, Southeast Asia, and Western Europe.  Prior to the aforementioned professional engagements, he held a variety of sales and marketing leadership positions with Saint Gobain Corporation, a leading global manufacturer of building products.

He also serves on the faculty of The American Management Association (AMA) and co-authored a collection of professional development workshops including Market Research: How to Get the Right Data to Make the Right Decisions, Win-Win Strategies for Effective Sales Compensation, and Pricing Strategies: Capturing and Sustaining a Competitive Advantage.  He authored Managerial and Supervisory Leadership Strategies, Effective Channel Management, Principles of Professional Selling, Sales & Marketing Integration Strategies, Value Charting™, and Vision, Mission, & Values for Applied Strategic Planning.  Additionally, he co-authored “Executive Coaching: An Integrative Literature Review”, published in the peer reviewed Journal of Human Resource Development.

An acknowledged expert in the applied use of psychological tests used in employee selection and development applications, Dr. Boylan is a member of the Board of Advisors to the Pamplin School of Business at Virginia Tech, a member of the President’s Council at Central Piedmont Community College, a Business Intelligence Board member with Chief Learning Officer Magazine, and a member of the Learning & Development Advisory Board at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.  He earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing Management from Virginia Tech, his MBA from Wake Forest University, and his doctorate from North Carolina State University.